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Human resources consulting

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ODCS uses a complementary suite of facilitation, values and organisational development qualifications, skills, tools and experience to deliver one off or ongoing human resource services to your organisation.  This boutique company tailors cost effective HR solutions for your planning, reporting, management, operational or policy needs ensuring alignment within an integrated organisational framework.

Bringing HR to the executive management table

As a key HR consultant in Perth, ODCS brings a high level of strategic thinking to the executive management table utilising good practice systems used by high performance companies across the nation essential to sustainable organisational excellence:

  1. LEADERSHIP – Lead by example, provide clear direction, build organisational alignment and focus on sustainable achievement of goals.
  2. CUSTOMERS  – Understand what markets and customers value, now and into the future, and use this to drive organisational design, strategy, products and services.
  3. SYSTEMS THINKING – Continuously improve the system.
  4. PEOPLE – Develop and value people’s capability and release their skills, resourcefulness and creativity to change and improve the organisation.
  5. CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT – Develop agility, adaptability and responsiveness based on a culture of continual improvement, innovation and learning.
  6. INFORMATION AND KNOWLEDGE – Improve performance through the use of data, information and knowledge to understand variability and to improve strategic and operational decision making.
  7. CORPORATE AND SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY – Behave in an ethically, socially and environmentally responsible manner.
  8. SUSTAINABLE RESULTS – Focus on sustainable results, value and outcomes.

Human resources services and products:

Australian Human Resources Institute

ODCS values lifelong learning and as a member of the Australian Human Resource Institute, keeps abreast of any issues, trends and practices relating to human resources.

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