5 reasons why outsourcing HR is good for business


There are some pretty good reasons why HR consultants are a smart use of resources for start-ups and small to medium sized enterprises (SME’s). Here are a few:

  1. Get more bang for your buck by contracting high level strategic HR support to address systemic issues in your business. Once HR systems are established on-going HR support can then be utilised on an as-needs basis reducing overall costs, as opposed to hiring a permanent HR employee.
  2. Want to impress the Board on good governance? A strategic HR consultant will work with you at the Board level to establish or strengthen corporate governance structures to achieve better organisational strategies and plans, improve operational effectiveness, more prudent regulatory compliance and increased likelihood that your company will deliver on its vision and purpose.
  3. From a regulatory compliance perspective, an HR and WHS consultant will look at your obligations under relevant legislation and Modern Awards reducing any potential legal risk associated with unfair dismissals, bullying, discrimination, adverse action, to avoid any hefty fines or hours of unproductive time in court.
  4. Do you have a system in place to monitor compliance with mental health other workhealth and safety hazards?  Do all your staff understand their WHS responsibilities? An WHS consultant on our team can help your WA business and Boards comply with the new Work Health and Safety Act 2020 (WA) and regulations once they are shortly proclaimed.
  5. If your staff don’t connect their work with the big picture; or you have performance issues, an HR consultant can work with you to align individual key performance indicators with strategic intent – the touchstone for a performance management system.
  6. Through HR intervention and support, Managers can be upskilled to manage their staff more independently and proactively through clearly defined cultural behaviours, HR protocols, coaching and best practice guides.
  7. Are you drowning under timewasting paper shuffling, have multiple locations, more remote workers and/or growing rapidly ?   An HR consultant can do the heavy lifting and research the best cost effective People Technology solutions to manage HR functions for your business.  For example it is possible for small to medium size enterprises to subscribe to an HRIS software for well under $5K per annum.

If you would like to discuss how OD Consulting Services can help you, contact HR consultant, Belinda Coghlan for a free HR Health Audit Check, on 0414 642 921 or email belinda@odconsultingservices.com.au or go to www.odconsultingservices.com.au

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