Top Questions For Performance Conversations

Many companies like Accenture and Deloitte are moving away from the traditional one off paper based annual performance meeting with performance ratings to regular ‘in the moment’ conversations focussed on goal setting, regular review of goals to ensure progress and alignment, consistent feedback, and coaching.

After intensive training in how to have a coaching conversation, Managers actively manage performance management by scheduling regular, monthly, or quarterly check-ins, to ensure that a company’s performance management process sets a foundation for employee success and engagement.

Those companies are also harnessing HR technology – cloud based software and apps to capture individual and team goals and summarise performance conversations.  This technology has addressed the convoluted paper trail in annual performance reviews significantly reducing time spent updating review meeting notes.

With more staff working remotely a wellbeing check-in should be done at the start of every catchup.

So practically what do these conversations look like? At a performance check-in Managers or Supervisors can discuss:

Wellbeing check in (every) : How are you tracking today?  Are you OK?  Anything I can do to help? 

Goal Progress (quarterly)
How are things progressing with your goals?
Any challenges or obstacles that are taking up your headspace?
Any support you require?

Coaching for Development
Describe the behaviours the employee should continue to demonstrate.
Discuss a behaviour that the employee could be paying more attention to.  What does good look like?
What skill gaps do you see if attended might help you achieve your goals more effectively?

Goal Planning (quarterly)
What goals were accomplished last quarter?
What goals are yet to be accomplished?

 Team Performance (quarterly)
What do you think about the overall effectiveness of our team?
What do you think about the amount of feedback shared in our team?

Career Development (bi-annually).
What are your career goals or aspirations?
In what areas do you want to grow/develop in order to achieve your career goals? Is there anything we can do to help you progress in your career?

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