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Facilitating highly participative and creative workshops for strategic planning and authentic community engagement; Using a collective process where all voices are heard and a diversity of experience brought to bear on problem produces a much richer form of democracy than the top-down version.

ODCS is a well respected professional facilitation service provider in Perth delivering over 100 workshops across Australia. ODCS facilitators are fully trained in highly participative methodologies and base their approach on the following assumptions:

ODCS uses and range of methodology to conduct strategic planning and community consultations. They include the strategic planning workshop (ToP) method; world café; open space technology; and online collaborative platforms.

What ODCS can do

Strategic planning

ODCS is highly experienced in facilitating strategic planning sessions and training people in strategic planning frameworks.  In a strategic thinking process ODCS moves a group through four steps:

Community consultations

Often decisions on community consultations need to be made quickly and with limited resources. As a starting point, ODCS will help gain clarity on whether your goals are realistic and your technique fits your objectives using the Ladder of Public Participation Levels (IAP2, 2000). Once the level of participation is clarified a clear objective is communicated to all from the outset can help encourage participation minimise disappointment and reduce the dropout rate. Once the consultation methods have been chosen and implemented to fit each target segment, ODSC will help your organisation evaluate the impact of the consultation process. ODSC has experience conducting tailored community consultations with diverse segments of the community. To view a community strategic plan we have recently developed, click here.

Strategic planning facilitation resources

ODCS used a range of resources to tailor strategic planning solutions for clients. These include:

Contact here to book a scoping session and strategic planning workshop with ODCS.

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