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ODCS specialises in helping groups and organisations to develop a more effective culture through values identification and integration; this process includes facilitating the identification of personal values, organisational values and behaviours; integrating them in to everyday work practice. Importance is placed on those group values and behaviours that enable the business to deliver its goals and objectives whether that be how customers are treated, how processes are designed or how staff perform their job.

Research findings

Holistic approach to change

Ever wondered why 70 percent of all major change efforts in organisations fail?  Research by Professor John Kotter describes a lack of a ‘holistic’ approach. ODCS’s approach to organisational development and change is based on Kotter’s holistic model for change leadership in any organisation.

Kotter’s eight steps to effective, lasting change

  1. Establish a sense of urgency
  2. Form a powerful guiding coalition
  3. Create a vision
  4. Communicate the vision
  5. Empower others to act on the vision
  6. Plan for short-term wins
  7. Consolidate improvements and create more change
  8. Institutionalise new approaches.

Creating a values based culture

ODCS specialises in working with organisations to define and integrate organisational values to shape the culture necessary to drive strategic goals.  Values are defined as important and lasting beliefs or ideals shared by the members of a culture about what is good or bad and desirable or undesirable. Values have major influence on a person’s behavior and attitude and serve as broad guidelines in all situations. Some common business values are fairness, innovation and community involvement.

ODCS measure and manage the alignment of personal, current and desired values using Barrett’s cultural values tool to help transform organisations.

Liedtka (1989), Posner and Schmidt (1993) found the clarity of both personal values systems and organisational value systems were important in achieving higher employee engagement and commitment. Clarity of personal values were shown to have a more positive impact than organisational value clarity.

To achieve organisational transformation ODCS uses the Values Inculcation Model, Speculand & Chaudhary (2008) which identifies core values, changing attitudes and encouraging new behaviours, as key components for successful integration.

Values identification is the easy part. Values integration is hard work and takes committed leadership, tenacity, diligence and commitment over a period of time to reap the benefits and successfully deliver on business goals and objectives.

Seven principles for creating a values driven culture

Values Touchstone

  1. Use leadership as the key driver to role model and champion the values;
  2. Build managers capacity to effectively work with values in their teams;
  3. Consult with all staff to develop shared understandings;
  4. Monitor and evaluate values outcomes;
  5. Regularly promote and reinforce the values with staff, the Board and wider community;
  6. Target, leverage and recognise value champions; and
  7. Integrate values in to how staff are recruited, inducted, promoted and managed.

What ODCS can do for your organisation

ODCS offers fully facilitated stakeholder workshops and takes pride in the development of creative and participatory process to strengthen groups and deliver purposeful outputs and impactful outcomes for the client.

To elicit personal and organisational values, ODCS uses a range of methods including storytelling, photo language, St Luke’s Innovative Resources, Technology of Participation (ToP), relational diagrams and story maps; and Peter Senge’s The Fifth Discipline Fieldbook. A free assessment of personal values can be accessed at the Barrett Values Centre

Each workshop is carefully designed to uncover personal values held by staff and their alignment to a group’s core values; a touchstone of acceptable and unacceptable behaviours; and a values integration strategy.

Other values resources provided by this consultancy include Values participant workbooks, Values measurement tools and Values toolkit for managers.

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