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ODCS can help improve toxic workplace culture, leadership and people management issues through cultural diagnostics, group facilitation, people management training, performance management accountability and executive and organisational coaching.

Cultural values

ODCS works with organisations to define, measure and integrate organisational values and cultural behaviours to drive strategic goals.  Values are defined as important and lasting beliefs or ideals shared by the members of a culture about what is good, bad, desirable or undesirable. Personal values have a major influence on your decisions and actions and serve as guardrails in all situations. Values can be positive or fear-based.  For example, accountability, integrity or making a positive difference in the world are positive values, whereas blame, revenge and manipulation are potential limiting or fear-based values.

ODCS measure and manage the alignment of personal, current and desired values using Barrett’s cultural values tool to help transform organisations. Barrett’s tool can be found here

Values identification and measurement is the easy part. Values integration is hard work and takes committed leadership, tenacity, diligence and commitment over a period of time to reap the benefits and successfully deliver on business goals.

Principles for creating a values driven culture

Values Touchstone

  1. Use leadership as the key driver to role model and champion the values.
  2. Hold leadership accountable by measuring the cultural evolution as an indicator of individual success;
  3. Measure the alignment between personal values, current and desired culture;
  4. Build leadership capacity to effectively work with values in their teams;
  5. Consult with all staff to develop shared understandings and ownership of cultural change;
  6. Clarify value behaviours that are above and below the line;
  7. Monitor and evaluate values outcomes;
  8. Regularly promote and reinforce the values with staff, the Board and wider community;
  9. Target, leverage and recognise value champions; and
  10. Integrate values in to how staff are recruited, inducted, promoted and managed.

What ODCS can do for your organisation

ODCS works with leadership and coaches individuals to help organisations move from current to desired cultural values addressing behaviours that undermine workplace culture.

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