Our Values

Welcome to OD Consulting Services

OD Consulting Services is an organisational development consultancy based in Perth, WA. The business has operated for about 17 years and specialises in organisational development, human resource management and strategic planning facilitation. The consultancy is a one stop shop helping small to medium organisations deal with workplace and compliance issues through HR and OD solutions, training and group facilitation.

We have a committed team of People and Culture and WHS Specialists who are carefully selected and aligned with our values.





Our Values

Respectful Inclusion

Include and honour everyone present; psychological safety, diversity of perspectives.


Use group processes that enable innovation and continuous improvement; be open to new ideas and take risks.

Quality Outcomes

Regularly communicate with clients; be responsive and challenging to the client; link work with all systems; monitor how outcomes change behaviour; provide professional documentation.

Lifelong Learning

Stay connected with networks; regularly upskill knowledge and skills; seek regular feedback.

Worklife Balance

Have a sense of humour! Work for a great family life; enjoy regular exercise, eat real food and stay connected with friends.



OD Consulting Services

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